Grow sales & increase loyalty
with VineSleuth flavor personalization technology

VineSleuth enables your store or restaurant to offer truly
personalized wine, recipe, and food recommendations
for your shoppers and diners in-store or online.

10-14% life in sales

Personalization has proven to create a 10-14% lift in sales. (SOURCE: McKinsey, Drizly)

VineSleuth not only creates personalized recommendations, it also enables client stores to create and track personalized marketing messages for every single user.

One bottle of wine in a shopping cart leads to an additional $15 in purchases on average. (SOURCE: Nielsen)

VineSleuth encourages pairing wine with food, putting to use grocer recipe collections and customizing the offerings for shoppers, growing basket size beyond the typical wine and food spend.

Companies can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% more of their customers. (SOURCE: F.P. Reichheld)

Offering customized wine suggestions and recipes on the retailer site and in-store will keep shoppers coming back to grow their profile and continue gaining solid recommendations with ease.

VineSleuth technology

Where does it work?

VineSleuth technology is integrated into your website, apps, or tablet wine list to guide shoppers through previous purchases and favorite wines to determine new wines, foods, and even recipes to try.

How can I put VineSleuth to work for my store or restaurant?

  • Decide where you want the technology implemented.
  • Provide current wine inventory list to VineSleuth.
  • Provide store recipes or dishes for integration, if desired.
  • Integrate VineSleuth technology, and grow store loyalty and sales!

VineSleuth’s personal recommendations

are based on sensory science and artificial intelligence using patented methods developed by Cornell University’s sensory science team in conjunction with VineSleuth data science. Our flavor data is unbiased and is not crowd-sourced, based on wine quality scores, critic reviews, or advertising dollars.

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