Personal beverage recommendations for every guest, digitally.

Your menu.

Their preference.

Provide personal  guidance for every guest, at the table or online.

Encourage and reward loyalty with personal learning profiles. 

Empower guests to try new beverages, knowing they will enjoy them.

Suggest the right food and beverage pairings to grow order size and enjoyment.

Don't miss another upsell

Confused guests go for 'safe' choices, missing out on the best your menu has to offer... and causing you to lose sales.

Personalization increases sales, empowering guests to try new options.

VineSleuth menu integrations enable every guest to have a personalized experience and find the right options for them based on their flavor preferences. 



Flavor data.

Menu integration.

VineSleuth’s digital wine and beer advisors use flavor data, rather than critics reviews or crowd-sourced comments, to guide your guests in finding the best selections on your menu for them, quickly and personally.

This flavor data comes from analysis by our human tasting panel, which is unrivaled in its precision, accuracy and lack of bias. 

We integrate our flavor data and personal recommendation engine with your digital menu for a seamless experience. Don't have a digital menu yet? We can create one for you that can be accessed via any mobile device or computer.

Guests can create an account to grow a learning profile, or just grab a quick recommendation without a login.

And yes, all of this flavor preference data is collected for you to make future menu development and forecasting that much more accurate.

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