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We create interactive, flavor-based beer and wine menus
and website integrations for bars, restaurants, tasting rooms and retailers.

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VineSleuth enables retailers and restaurants to offer true personalization… at scale

At VineSleuth, we build super-simple, custom interactive menus for restaurants, bars, and retailers that enable diners and guests to find the right drink for them, personally, every time.

Our personalized recommendations are delivered digitally– on your website, app or custom digital menu and, of course, only point to selections you offer, enabling our clients to suggest the right beverages in the moment… and also build custom marketing messages for each shopper with just a few clicks.

Aside from just being awesome, Personalized shopper communications can increase revenues by 10-30%, according to McKinsey& Company.

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Bold Spice? Earthy? Fruit-Forward? Hoppy?

You craft your beer and wine list with care. VineSleuth custom menus help every guest navigate that list to find the right choice for them.

So many choices. So little time.

VineSleuth menus help your guests navigate extensive beer and wine offerings with ease— so they can get back to enjoying the rest of your experience.

What goes with…

Yep, we even cover food pairing, tailoring to your every guest’s preferences and your menu or recipe offering.

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