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We create interactive, flavor-based beer and wine menus
and website integrations for bars, restaurants, tasting rooms and retailers.

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We just want to help everyone get what they really want.

At VineSleuth, we believe a good drink is the drink EACH of your guests like best, not the one everyone else likes… that’s boring! (And why else would you put all that work into creating such a great beverage list if everyone drank the same thing, anyway??!!)

We know that understanding tasting notes and critics’ scores can be crazy confusing. (What is bramble, anyway??!!) And training waitstaff on your list can be hard, too.

So we do the hard part for you…. We  analyze all your beverages on flavor attributes and build a super-simple interactive menu that your guests can use to find the right drink for them, personally, every time.

And you can get back to giving them a great experience.

Cheers, all around!

Bold Spice? Earthy? Fruit-Forward? Hoppy?

You craft your beer and wine list with care. VineSleuth custom menus help every guest navigate that list to find the right choice for them.

So many choices. So little time.

VineSleuth menus help your guests navigate extensive beer and wine offerings with ease— so they can get back to enjoying the rest of your experience.

What goes with…

Yep, we even cover food pairing, tailoring to your every guest’s preferences and your menu or recipe offering.

Ready to get personal? Drop us a line and let’s talk!

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