Want to help your shoppers navigate the wine aisle—personally?

VineSleuth’s Wine4.Me Sommelier as a Service Technology has the answer:

  • Offers personalized service in the wine aisle — both in-store and virtual
  • Enhances omnichannel strategy
  • Boosts shopper satisfaction
  • Advances shopper loyalty
  • Enables customized marketing
  • Gives you a technological edge
VineSleuth’s Wine4.Me Sommelier
as a Service Technology
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What makes VineSleuth’s Wine4.Me Sommelier as a Service Technology different?

We don’t just suggest the most popular wines, we use our patented methods to suggest wines with the right flavor profiles for each individual. (We don’t all like our pizza the same way, why should we be forced to ‘like’ the same wines?)

We let your shoppers be the individuals they are—and find the wines they will really enjoy. We characterize the wines in your inventory using sensory science and a team of wine evaluators with super power palates, and then guide your shoppers through those wines in an easy to navigate way, that can get as simple or as geeky as each shopper wants.

We are not about scores.
We are about true personalization.

As shoppers indicate which wines they like and do not like, VineSleuth/ Wine4.Me builds a unique profile for each shopper, tracking preferences and helping them to explore other wines they will enjoy.

Wine enhances food enhances wine.
We get that.

We pair every wine you sell with foods your shoppers can easily make at home, for maximum mealtime enjoyment, whether mealtime means heating up a pizza, having a five-course extravaganza or something in between.

Choose your adventure…or go

VineSleuth’s Wine4.Me Sommelier as a Service Technology can be offered to your shoppers as in-store kiosks, an addition to your ecommerce site, as a tool for your employees to guide shoppers, as an addition to your exisiting smartphone application. Let us create a unique experience for your shoppers that transcends platform

We love technology, science, art, customer service…
and above all—wine.

We knew there had to be a way to combine all of these to help people drink the right wine, every time. That’s why we based our patented characterization methods on sensory science , built our own predictive analytics model, and are now partnering with IBM Watson to make it even better and more user-friendly.

With VineSleuth, you don’t get a bunch of opinions. You get technology, science and art to enhance your customer service…and sell more of the right wine.

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