Netflix removes user-generated reviews

Digital streaming giant Netflix removed user-generated reviews from its site, citing a lack of use of the reviews.

The site’s Rating and Recommendations page explains how Netflix uses the ‘Thumb up” and “Thumbs down” ratings from viewers to build unique profiles for each user and combines that with other data to make suggestions for viewers. At VineSleuth, we use similar tools (Love or Dump) to build a truly personalized profile for each of our users in our Wine4.Me application.

We see Netflix’s decision as signaling user trust in the company’s movie recommendations. If user reviews were a big tool for users, they would likely have kept them. But they found no need.

Netflix’ algorithm suggestions work… most likely due to excruciating detail and solid data on the company’s part.¬†And, as I discussed at the Mobile World Congress this Spring, when you use solid data, Artificial Intelligence can provide excellent results.

Of course we’ll be watching to see how use and acceptance continues on Netflix. And we will be toasting the decision to let solid data lead the way.