Houston Chronicle features VineSleuth on the cover of the Business section

If you are in Houston, we sure hope you saw the feature on VineSleuth on the cover of the Business section this Thanksgiving morning.. it’s definitely one of the things we are thankful for today. 🙂

VineSleuth in the Houston Chronicle

The article tells to story of VineSleuth’s founding up to where we are today after a successful round of fundraising and our launch at Fox Run Vineyards of the Finger Lake. This is one of our favorite quotes from the article:

“He left buying six bottles of dry Riesling,” said Scott Osborn, president and co-owner of Fox Run Vineyards. “He said, ‘I would have never tried the dry Riesling because all I wanted to do was taste red.’ So it (VineSleuth) has opened up people’s minds to try wines they’ve never tried before.”

We love how Fox Run is already seeing the impact of our technology..and we look forward to working with more innovative wineries, breweries, restaurants, bars and retailers in the near future. (Know of any prime partners? Drop us a line!!)

Thanks, Andrea Leinfelder, for the coverage. We truly appreciate it. And thank you to all of our clients, partners, advisors, and of course investors for helping us get where we are now.. and are moving towards. 🙂

Missed the print edition? Click to check out the full Houston Chronicle article about VIneSleuth. here: