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About VineSleuth

Wine is different.

For most people, shopping for dinner is a pretty easy task—until they get to the wine aisle. Rows of gleaming bottles and glitzy labels stop a shopper dead. What’s inside this bottle? Will I like it? Will it go with my meal?

It’s not so different in a restaurant. Unless there’s a helpful sommelier on hand, many diners simply point to the second-cheapest wine and smile.

Sure, wine critics publish ratings and scores. But scores are subjective, just one person’s opinion. Often, faced with the complexity of finding a wine they’ll like, customers skip wine altogether.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Now imagine that each wine has a clear, straightforward profile that tells the customer what that wine’s really like.

It’s a profile that’s not based on one critic’s score, but constructed out of a comprehensive, rigorous evaluation by a panel of wine experts, which has been run through advanced analysis to ensure an objective outcome.

The result is a much fuller, more reliable characterization of the wine—a wine portrait, if you will. And imagine this information is available in an easy to understand tool, right at the customer’s fingertips as the customer reaches for the bottle.

Now the situation looks different. Instead of choosing based on the label or the price or the point score on the shelf-talker, customers can choose based on qualities they understand, and value.

The customer buys the wine.

The advantage is our data.

VineSleuth has coupled patent-pending methods for wine sensory evaluation with rigorous statistical analyses to ensure that the data that drives our technology has the highest integrity.

Put simply, great data assures our wine characterizations are objective, repeatable, and predictable, leading to high consumer trust.

Well—data, and convenience.

For consumers, we wrap all of this sophisticated data and technology into one simple, easy to use application, It’s a fast, super-friendly companion at the point of sale that gives the wine shopper confidence to make each wine purchase decision. The app learns the customer’s preferences over time, enhancing their satisfaction with each use. The customer trains the tool—not the other way around.

VineSleuth also publishes VineSleuth Uncorked, a site for casual wine drinkers to learn about wine through friendly, engaging articles about wine styles, wine and food pairing, and how to buy.

For the wine industry, VineSleuth offers an array of solutions to ensure products reach the right customer—meaning the customer who will really enjoy it.

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